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Most Creative E-Learning Solutions Provider 2019 – Europe

Learning Solutions Provider 2019 – Europe

Based in France, LYADIS is an internationally renowned digital learning agency that designs and develops custom-made eLearning courses. We invited Michel Lollichon to tell us more about the firm and the innovative solutions it creates.

Combining unique graphics and expert teachings, LYADIS offers a wide range of training courses and eLearning solutions to suit a variety of clients. Michel discusses the solutions the firm provides in more detail.

“Here at LYADIS, our modules are highly interactive and use state-of-the-art technology in motion design, video, drawing, 3D and illustration. This guarantees a high level of attention and active engagement for the learners.

“Our unique learning method, along with our multicultural approach has attracted large international companies which today trust us to create all of their eLearning modules and their adaptations in other languages.  To face these major projects, we have structured our organization through three interrelated departments: Arts, Pedagogy and Innovation. Each works together to provide innovative learning solutions for our clients.”

Today, thanks to its innovative solutions and commitment to providing clients with the exceptional standards of service they expect, LYADIS has become a global leader in the eLearning space. To remain at the forefront of the latest market developments, the firm remains committed to driving innovation and supporting its valued team, as Michel highlights.

“At LYADIS our global strategy to remain a leading digital company is based on bringing all of our services in-house, so that every aspect of our solutions is created by us and is of the highest possible quality. As part of this focus we have a policy of providing our team with continuous training and improvements in related fields such as 3D design and VR, enabling them to enhance their skillset and offer clients cutting-edge solutions. We also host in-house Workshops on Innovation and Graphic Research as part of this approach.”

As he looks to the future Michel believes that LYADIS has many exciting opportunities ahead as the firm seeks to move into offering new courses on a variety of human behaviours and interactions.

“Moving forward, at LYADIS we are committed to offering our clients cutting-edge solutions, and as such we are currently creating a range of new eLearning modules designed to improve the behaviour of people in business or in life in general. The first content is on the subject of sexual harassment, in accordance with New York state law. It was presented at Learning Solutions in Orlando from March 26th to 28th, 2019 to great critical acclaim. This module can be adapted to the legal specificities of other states, if the need arises. We will also be launching two new modules soon on diversity and moral harassment. These developments will drive us even further towards success and global acclaim.”

Contact Details

Company: LYADIS

Name: Philippe Olivrie

Address: 20 Boulevard Eugène Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, France

Telephone Number: +33 4 81 65 63 10

Web Address:

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